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The Parish Council comprises 9 Councillors as follows:

1. Cllr. Janet Dobson, 01949 829012,

Having travelled the world as the daughter of an Army Officer, then an army wife I settled in Newton with my two children nearly 20 years ago – and I have loved every minute of it. I have just reached retirement from my job as an Office Manager in an Infant School and I will be able to give more time to village matters.

I have seen the village grow from a small, safe patch to a much larger housing estate that has, at times, felt overwhelming. As a Parish Councillor I am keen to ensure all residents are represented and we work together to build a successful, cohesive community with great facilities for everyone to enjoy.

2. Casual Vacancy

3. Cllr. Margaret Goulder, 01949 829088, Chairman,

I was born & brought up in Radcliffe on Trent but eventually left to pursue a nursing career. In 1999 I moved to Newton because I missed village life & think it should always be supported. This is also why I joined Shelford and Newton Parish Council in 2007.

As Newton changed and grew I was one of the councillors who pushed for Newton to have its own Council. This was to enable us to grow into a thriving community.
In 2004 I became a Director & chair of Trenchard Close Residents Co Ltd when the Directors of Annington Homes resigned.
I spent 18 years doing voluntary work for a couple of charities and also within the legal system supporting victims, witnesses and their relatives at Crown and Coroners courts.
At present I work part time which enables me to find the time to support projects within Newton.

4. Cllr Jess Lumb-Holt, 01949 2500100,

I live on Battle Close after moving here in the summer 2022

We came to Newton as that perfect balance of being out in the countryside, but equally not too far from the city if needed. Since we have been here everyone has been so welcoming and friendly, and the bonus of the chippy van on Friday’s was a huge delight and surprise to find

My interests are generally outdoor-based and animal-based. My major ones include horse riding and hiking

I love the outdoors. I try to be as eco as I can be. I try to support the bees, hedgehogs and reduce our waste where possible. I also am a huge dog fan and hopefully one day we can have one!

I did my DofE award as a teenager and have been an adult leader ever since completing my Gold Award. I still help my old secondary school – Catmose College in Oakham – in running their DofE programme. I still teach first aid, train on day walks and support the expeditions for the school either as a leader or an assessor on their qualifying expedition

I work for St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust

5. Cllr. Martin Saulter, 07767 414840,

6.  Cllr. Sarah Shaw, 07944 432050, vice-Chairman,

I have lived in Nottingham all my life, I moved to a new build house 6 years ago and really enjoyed the new community and quietness that Newton has to offer.

I decided to volunteer some of my time to the community by joining the Parish Council.

As Newton develops into a larger village I am keen to see that we help to communicate and deliver what will hopefully be a lovely village for us to all live.

7. Cllr Deborah Soloman, 07500 114700,

I have lived in this beautiful part of Nottinghamshire for over 25 years and have raised my family here.

I run a business specialising in IT training for geospatial users and I also work with Registered Providers looking after Children in Care.

Over the years I have seen various changes in Newton and as a member of the council I wish to make a positive influence on ensuring that Newton village remains a lovely place to live, with community spirit and good resources as it evolves into a larger village.

8. Casual Vacancy

9. Cllr Barry Stockton-Tate, 07738 291231,

Membership of Standing Working Groups

i) Finance and Assets: Cllrs Barry Stockton-Tate and Martyn Saulter

ii) Planning and Village Hall: All Councillors

iii) Community Partnership Group: Cllrs Margaret Goulder and Sarah Shaw

iv) Communications: Cllrs Sarah Shaw, Janet Dobson and Debbie Soloman

v) Play Areas and Village: Cllrs Janet Dobson and Jess Holt

The Chairman (Cllr Sarah Shaw) and vice-Chairman (Cllr Margaret Goulder) are permanent ex-officio members of these groups

The Clerk to the Council: Bill Banner, 0115 933 5921, E- mail: