SUNDAY 8th JULY 2018 at NOON 

Newton Parish Council is delighted to announce that Newton Play Area will now open on SUNDAY 8TH JULY AT NOON

Snagging issues have been addressed and the newly replaced turf and seeded areas need a little extra time to settle. For this reason, the gates will remain secured until the opening date so please refrain from accessing the area until this time.

In this hot, dry weather and with a regular supply of water onsite from James Fisher, we are on a mission to keep the new turf watered so please bear with us whilst nature does its thing with a little help from us! The ground conditions will be all the better for it!

The 8th of July has also been chosen to coincide with Newton’s fifth annual and very popular sports day, so another great community event for Newton to look forward to this summer!

There will be some refreshments and entertainment provided at this fun event so watch this space for further updates

27 June 2018